ISBN : 9782343165615

EAN PDF : 9782140112539

Éditeur : Editions L'Harmattan

Nombre de pages : 209

Date : 2- 2019

Notice : UNIMARC | MARC21

Elt in the 21st century - Ten critical essays in the Senegalese Context

Ten critical essays in the Senegalese Context

Mamadou Kandji - Editor-in-Chief

The present book is a compendium of ten critical essays about "ELT in the 21st Century". It covers the theme from various perspectives which can be subdivided into six main headings: 1. Learner Autonomy 2. Teacher Professional Development 3. New Paradigms and Technologies in CLT 4. Skills Development 5. Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Teaching Profession 6. Other Issues in Today's English Teaching. The essays collected here discuss crucial issues in ELT in the Senegalese context.

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