ISBN : 9791090293533

EAN PDF : 9782140123474

Éditeur : Editions Campus Ouvert

Nombre de pages : 126

Date : 6- 2019

Notice : UNIMARC | MARC21

How to prepare a successful Master's or Doctoral thesis in France - Guide for international students

Guide for international students

Yves-Frédéric Livian, Robert Laurini

In France, you are now permitted to write a Master or PhD dissertation in English. This practical guide, based on long experience of teaching and accompanying foreign students aims to answer the main questions they ask: what exactly is expected when we talk about "Research"? According to what criteria are they going to be evaluated? How do you find relevant documents, choose a methodology, validate, write and, present a defense? What plan should I adopt? Which timetable should I follow to finish in time?

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