ISBN : 9782343179742

EAN PDF : 9782140128547

EAN ePUB : 9782336879291

Éditeur : Editions L'Harmattan

Nombre de pages : 250

Date : 8- 2019

Notice : UNIMARC | MARC21

Sir Thomas Browne - The Modernity of a Seventeeth-Century English Thinker

The Modernity of a Seventeeth-Century English Thinker

El Hadji Cheikh Kandji

This essay sheds light on a relatively neglected 17th-century English thinker, Sir Thomas Browne; and rereads his works with modern lenses. It highlights his insightful contribution to modern thought. Browne is a man of the modern age. His legacy to modern thought clearly appears through his works. He raises the issue of the relationship between science and religion, and posits archeology and anthropology as disciplines that help better understand past, present, and future societies.

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