ISBN : 9782336409368

EAN PDF : 9782336409375

Éditeur : Editions L'Harmattan

Collection : Diversités

Nombre de pages : 184

Date : 9- 2023

Notice : UNIMARC | MARC21

Redefining European Security in a Post COVID-19 World - Education and Research for Resilience and Combating Disinformation

Education and Research for Resilience and Combating Disinformation

Mihaela Daciana Natea, Hedi Saidi

How do we define resilience in the context of security? How do we build resilience? What is disinformation and how is it being used by Russia in Eastern Europe? Is it a new phenomenon or a continuation of an old one with roots in the sovietization process? Are the education policies regarding democracy helping to build resilience? Are the research programmes of the EU targeting the right key areas for increasing resilience? These are the main inquiries that the book addresses. While looking in the past and linking it to the present, the research covers the synergies between security, resilience, disinformation, education and research, and offers solutions for building resilience and combating disinformation through education.

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